The density of a fabric is defined by the number of yarns that make up its weft. That is to say the number of threads present in each square centimetre. The principle is that the more yarns there are, the more sumptuous, dense and soft the fabric. However, the number of yarns alone does not define the quality of a fabric. The nature of the yarn plays a predominant role in the touch of a piece.

From 200 threads | This is a very fresh and light cotton percale, mainly used in summer. These pieces are frequently found in hotels although these fabrics are intended for both private and professional use. With this density, the bed linen remains impeccable and fresh at a lower cost.

400 threads | This is the most popular weft. It is an anatolian cotton that is both soft and denser, recognizable by its fresh touch and robustness, which is particularly appreciated for its versatility. This is the type of sheet you will find in reputable hotel chains around the world.


600 threads | It is at this level of density and weft that the mark of exclusivity is reached. Very beautiful smooth, uniform and silky fabric, it is clearly a luxury cotton.

800 - 1000 threads | The ultimate, pure pleasure, from 600 threads onwards the fabric becomes sumptuous. Although this weft is incredibly strong, it loses none of its silkiness. This is bed linen that will remain exceptional despite the passing of the years.


All Haremlique covers are made of sumputous smooth, soft cotton percale made of the finest Anatolian cotton.