Placemat | Haremlique

These wide range of exquisite placemats made of 100% linen or 100% cotton with different embroidery and colour patterns define refined style. They will help you create polished presentations for your loved ones.

Placemat | 51*38 cm | Bosphorus Mansions Collection

Adding a sophisticated layer to your table settings, these placemats feature a lively pattern depicting the nature and the architectural details of the Bosphorus.

Placemat | 51*38 cm | Iznik Collection

Featuring Iznik Art motifs in a linen background, this gracious design will bring a traditional elegance to your table.

Embroidered Placemat | 51*38 cm | Enchanted Room Collection

Created as part of Haremlique Istanbul’s 10th year capsule collection, this chic linen placemat is embroidered at the side with a delicate turtle motif.

Placemat | 51*38 cm | Arnavutköy Windmill Collection

Crafted from white linen, these elegant and understated table accessories are detailed with silver embroidery.

Placemat | 51*38 cm | Beyazit Collection

With an array of geometric pattern detailing on linen fabric, this placemat pairs unique style with simple elegance.

Placemat | 51*38 cm | Enchanted Room Collection

This cheerful cotton placemat featuring the special design created for Haremlique Istanbul’s 10th year capsule collection sets a vibrant table perfect for casual dining.

Placemat | 51*38 cm | Pera Collection

These plain and practical placemats will match perfectly with every table decor with their different color

Placemat | 51*38 cm | Gümüşsuyu Collection

Linen placemats designed for Haremlique Istanbul’s 10th year capsule collection Gümüşsuyu for a refined look to the table with their unique shape, inspired by the Fruit Room of Topkapi Palace.

Placemat | 51*38 cm | Boğaziçi Collection

Bogazici features a linen background embellished with an elegant one line embroidery for a look of tailored sophistication.

Placemat | 51*38 cm | Taksim Collection

Accented with an undulating border, this elegant linen design will bring style to any table.

Placemat | 51 x 38 cm | Arnavutköy Frame Collection

A sophisticated design fit for any table setting, Arnavutköy placemat feature a delicate embroidered border in white atop a linen fabric.

Hasbahçe Placemat

This placemat crafted from Haremlique Istanbul’s unique Hasbahçe fabric featuring a toile de jouy design, accompanies tasteful servings with its three different color options.
Amongst our placemats, Enchanted Room was designed for Haremlique Istanbul’s 10th year capsule collection. This cheerful, 100% cotton placemat sets a vibrant tone for casual tables. Gumussuyu placemat embodies sophistication with its design inspired by the Fruit Room in Topkapi Palace. Beyazit placemat pairs unique style with simple elegance with its geometric pattern detailing on linen.