Peshtamal | Haremlique

Compact, highly absorbent, lightweight and versatile, our peshtamal collection is inspired by the traditional Turkish hammam ritual. Made from 100% Turkish cotton and functional, our peshtamals are recognized for their different colour options, varying styles and comfortable use.

Tünel Peshtamal | 100*150 cm | Black

This lightweight and absorbent peshtamal from the Tünel collection stands out as a stylish beach essential with its unique pattern, inspired by the initial of Haremlique.

Nazar Peshtamal | 100*150 cm | Different Colors

This authentic, cotton jacquard peshtamal with embroidered evil-eye motifs is soft and lightweight.

Moon Peshtamal | 100*150 cm | Different colors

Make your mark on the beach with this chic jacquard peshtamal adorned with a stylish motif.

Stripe Peshtamal | 100*150 cm | Different colors

This Egyptian cotton yarn dyed peshtamal is lightweight, very absorbent and quick drying. It is ideal to use on the beach, boat or at bath time
Designed for Haremlique Istanbul’s 10th year capsule collection, our Arnavutkoy jacquard cotton peshtamal makes a strong impression with its wide range of colour selection. Made from Egyptian cotton, the super lightweight and absorbent Stripe peshtamal is ideal to use on the beach. Embroidered with an evil-eye detail, the jacquard Evil-Eye peshtamal is soft and quick to dry, which makes it ideal for journeys.