Coaster | Haremlique

Linen coasters available in different styles, colourways and textures for an elegant touch to any table decor. They are the perfect element to create a warm atmosphere or an awe-inspiring modern presentation.

Coaster | R : 12,5 cm | Iznik Collection

Featuring Iznik Art motifs in a linen background, these gracious coasters will bring a traditional elegance to your table. 100% linen.

Coaster | 12,5*12,5 cm | Gümüşsuyu Collection

Designed for Haremlique Istanbul’s 10th year capsule collection Gümüşsuyu, these linen coaster carry a refined look to the table with its unique shape, inspired by the Fruit Room of Topkapi Palace.

Coaster | 12,5 x 12,5 cm | Taksim Collection

Accented with an undulating border, this elegant linen design will bring style to any table.

Coaster | 12,5 x 12,5 cm | Arnavutköy Windmill Collection

Accented with a delicate embroidery on their center, these elegant and understated linen coasters are both decorative and practical.
Accented with lavish, stylish embroideries, our high quality linen coasters add a touch of extravagance to any table setting. As the perfect choice to create chic presentations at home or to gift to a loved one, our coasters include the simple but elegant Arnavutkoy Windmill Coaster, the vibrant Taksim Coaster with an undulating border, the Gussumuyu Coaster, inspired by the Fruit Room of Topkapi Palace, and the Iznik Coaster which adds a traditional elegance to any table.