Haremlique Istanbul’s Founding Partner and Creative Director, Banu Yentür, shares her recommendations for a beautiful celebration. Yentür says, “I enjoy creating an eclectic image in my presentations using different details”.

Scroll down to see her tips about presentations for special occasions.


Add glitter to your servings with silver pieces.

Haremlique Istanbul Turban Collection features silver-plated products. “I have a particular fondness for silver service sets in my presentations. They add a special glitter to each and every table setting. I enjoy using black tablecloths. Especially when I use a black tablecloth, placemat or runner, I feel like the pieces on my table stand out in depth, almost as if they’re framed in a ‘passe-partout’.”


Opt for multiple focus points in your servings.

“I first create a story for the party I’m going to hold. For me, the party actually starts at this point, and I live it as I’m preparing for it. As a result, my story extends to encompass the whole presentation. The story of the party takes shape as a buffet or a seated dinner according to the friends or family I’m hosting. For dinners that are not too formal, I prefer to prepare a buffet, as it’s lighter and gives you a longer, more intimate time together.

I use different flowers in relation to my story, and these in turn help reinforce it. I believe floral arrangements of varying heights help create layers in the presentation. In this presentation you’ll see the Cloud patterned vase from the Iznik Tile Collection (the black version, which has been produced especially for me), a part of Haremlique Istanbul’s 10th anniversary collection, used for a floral arrangement.

I’ve mentioned that I enjoy spreading these details to the whole concept. This way, the supporting cast always enriches your presentation. Using fruits to decorate the table setting symbolizes wealth and prosperity for me, and I use them a lot. Especially in this season Hatay dates, pomegranates and grapes create a festive atmosphere.”


Iznik Tile Collection and Turban Collection


Use contrast colours together for a stunning presentation.

“Colours are always very important to me; I think they are the expression of the everything. That’s why I aim to create a colour harmony between the service plates and the food. In this presentation, I again used the bespoke black Haremlique Iznik tile pieces to contrast colourful food. This way I believe the colours of the food shine, and the presentation becomes more appealing.”

İznik Tile Collection


Wine bucket, marble jar, marble tray, silver plated bowl.

“One of the things I enjoy the most is the versatile usage of any accessory or material. So this idea has always been prominent in the design of Haremlique products. Here, again, majority of the pieces I used in these presentations are actually products that I’ve also used for other purposes. I used a large wine bucket for a lavish presentation of fruits. I created dessert and appetizer arrangements in marble trays and jars that can also be used in the office or the bathroom. Black and white marble pieces add definition to the table. I like serving appetizers and snacks in silver bowls that are mostly used for dried fruits and nuts.”


Napkins, silver plated candlestick, glass carafe.


Elevate your drink presentations with different details.

“It’s important to me that the welcome drink or wine presentation is enjoyable, considerate and kind. That’s why I offer the drinks with slightly starched, crisp, 100% linen cocktail napkins. I like presenting aperitifs and accompanying appetizers together in one tray.”



Create a warm atmosphere with candles.

“I cannot imagine an evening without candles, neither can I imagine entertaining without them. Lighting is very important when hosting a party, and silver candlesticks, which create a dim, warm atmosphere, are my favourites. You can prefer your candelabras according to your table setting.”


Candle holder – six arms, candle holder.