Bed Cover | 250*280 cm | Ottoman Damask

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This pale blue bed cover with its Ottoman Damask motif reinterprets traditional Ottoman symbolism.

This Ottoman Damask bed cover adds a touch of chic to your bedroom. Its quilted finish is an invitation to indulge in a restful moment. Delicate, curved petals of carnations flowers, surrounded by leaves, bloom in the geometric lines formed by the stitching.

In Ottoman art, floral motifs often have symbolic meanings. Flowers are associated with specific virtues and notions. In the Ottoman imagination, the carnation flower is associated with beauty, nobility and purity. The Ottoman Damask motif pays homage to the passion the Ottomans nurtured for flowers.

The quilting adds a soft, comforting feel to the Ottoman Damask bed cover.

  • Colour: pale blue with floral motifs in soft grey.
  • Dimensions: Length 250 x width 280 cm
  • Fabric: 100% soft cotton
  • 100% cotton quilted padding, lining held in place by stitching

Ottoman Damask, the versatile chic by Ottomanίa.

Taking care of your Ottoman Damask product

  • Professional dry clean only